In The Ring: Problems, Problems Everywhere

Seth Sternberg | CrunchBase ProfileWhen you decide you?re going to start, or run, a startup, you?re signing up for problems. Lots of problems. They?re everywhere. New competitors. A key employee leaving. You didn?t hit your numbers. A market shift rendering your service useless in a year or two. When you first start, they?re almost fun. ?Oh, how am I gonna solve that one?? Or better yet, ?All these VCs want to get into my deal!? Of course, they also have the tendency to seem existential. You don?t have much at the beginning, so the good feels like it can make you??We just landed an awesome partnership. We just became millionaires!??and the bad feels like it can destroy you??Holy shit, Facebook?s launching what?? We?re dead.?


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